How to prepare for the AMC MCQ Exam

Different people adopt different methods of studying to prepare for medical exams. Some choose to master the suggested references while others prefer to take shortcuts by going through similar questions that have allegedly appeared on previous exams. The former takes a long time, and the latter may result in missing scores if a question is just slightly changed, as often occurs. 

Interestingly, those who choose to merely study the medical texts and journals have often been shown to have worse outcomes in their exam compared to candidates who only review multiple choice questions (MCQs) and focus their study on similar questions. The reason is simply that by arbitrary studying of references, equal time is allocated to every subject.

Reading every page of a medical textbook, journal, or other references is sound if your goal is to master a certain subject, but for a different purpose other than preparing for a multiple choice question exam. This is undisputed that every single topic has a different weight in a medical exam; therefore, you should definitely be biased about allocating time to each. You had better spend most of your time on the topics that are more important and are more likely to be asked.

How do our MCQs work?

We have and will focus on topics and concepts rather than MCQs, but we use MCQs as the entry gate to what you need to master for your medical exam. This way, you become familiar with the exam questions while mastering the cherry-picked essential points you need to know to tackle it so that you will be ready to face every possible twist in question scenarios.

Consider “asthma” as an example. We use several MCQs structurally similar to those that appeared on previous exams to open a discussion on asthma. In one question you are challenged to learn points about the diagnosis, and classification based on severity, while in the other, we put our emphasis on treatment options for an acute exacerbation, as well as maintenance therapy, monitoring the response to therapy, and prevention of further attacks. After you went through the MCQs revolving around asthma, you are ready to face it no matter how hard they try to make it more difficult or “another” question.

Unlike many other exam preparation websites for different medical exams, we provide you with a unique system of reviewing questions. Instead of having arbitrarily arranged sets of MCQs, you exactly specify which topic you want to review and cover. We have categorized all exam topics into details, each of which you can pick to start with at any given study session. Currently there the following 20 main categories:

  1. Dermatology

  2. Ophthalmology/ENT

  3. Neurology

  4. Orthopedics / Rheumatology

  5. Circulatory System / Cardiology

  6. Respiratory System

  7. Gastrointestinal System / Abdomen / Abdominal Wall

  8. Breast / Endocrine System

  9. Obstetrics / Gynecology

  10. Hematology

  11. Urology / Nephrology

  12. Psychiatry / Drug & Alcohol Abuse

  13. Pediatrics

  14. Nutrition / Metabolism

  15. Infectious Diseases

  16. Clinical Pharmacology

  17. Clinical Oncology

  18. Clinical Immunology

  19. Critical Care / Emergency Medicine

  20. General Practice / Public health

  21. Professionalism / Ethics / Medicolegal Issues

You will have access to the ever-updating flow of educational points, exam tips, explanations, and online references as long as your subscription is valid.

Our MCQs will be the essence of your study for exam preparation, but you had also better use our “Exams” section for even more benefit. It is important that you can switch your mindset as you go through different topics during the real exam. You should be able to recollect everything you know about the choice of contraception in a woman who is on antiepileptic medications right after you answer the previous question asking about the most appropriate management of a pancreatic pseudocyst.

How do our Exams work?


In the “exams” section you can make exams with MCQs from categories you choose in a random fashion so that your mind gets accustomed to jumping from one topic to another and masters the art of rapid recollection under stressful exam conditions. We strongly recommend that you use our “Timed mode” so that you get used to recollecting what you need to answer an MCQ in the limited time of the exam. 

In the “Exams” section, you can use available MCQs to make different exams using a variety of options. You can select multiple categories to make an exam and choose the “Timed mode” option to practice time management for the real exam. You can mark questions that you think are important for later review. The filters you can apply to make an exam include:

  • MCQs available in the categories you have selected.

  • MCQs you have previously answered incorrectly.

  • MCQs you have previously answered incorrectly.

  • MCQs you have previously marked as “important”.

  • MCQs not appeared in any of the exams you have made.

The exams you make are saved for later review and study. You can repeat the exam you have made as many times as you wish and view a report of your results every time.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Sign up for free and use our demo MCQs available from the “Demo” package in your account and see for yourself.