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It's not about us. it is about YOU 

Every single one of us in AMEDEX has been in your shoes when started taking the bumpy trip to become a practicing doctor in Australia. We all have left home for better and been through our fears, struggles, and frustrations to where we are standing now. We all had our reasons to hit the road, and we are sure you have yours. Whatever your reasons are, AMEDEX stands by you in your way of becoming the heroes of your life stories in this journey. So, this is all about you rather than us. That was, and still is, the mission and vision that gave birth to AMEDEX. First as a Facebook group starting 8 years ago, and now as Amedex, a trusted name and IP in Australia for you to successfully pass your Australian Medical Council (AMC) and other qualifying exams. Don’t get us wrong. Even without us you can still pull it off as you are all heroes. With us it is just smarter, easier, and more cost-effective just because we’ve been there before and have a hang of the know-hows. The platform you are on now, is for the AMC MCQ Exam preparation as the first step.

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