Fixed-term Packages

By subscribing to a fixed-term package, you will have access to the subscription content for the fixed number of days the package is defined. For example, if you subscribe for a 30-day package, you can use the content for 30 days starting from the day of your subscription.

You can extend all your fixed-term subscriptions for a maximum of 30 days and a fee depending on your subscription:

30-day package  10 USD per day 
60-day package  9 USD per day 
90-day package 8 USD per day
120-day package  7 USD per day 
180-day package  6 USD per day
365-day package  5 USD per day 

You can extend a fixed-term package ONLY if you do so before your package expires. You can extend several times but the sum of the extended days cannot exceed 30 days. The minimum amount of time you can extend each time is 1 day.

One of the benefits of fixed-term packages is lower prices compared to a custom subscription with the same number of days.

Fixed-term Packages

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Custom subscription

You can use this section to customize your subscription period (between 1 and 180 days). Use the box or the slider to choose the number of days you want to subscribe.

The prices decrease for every 30 days you choose for each subscription according to the following table:

Days 1-30

10 USD per day

Days 31-60


Days 61-90

3 USD per day

Days 91-120

2 USD per day

Days 121-150

1.5 USD per day

Days 151-180

1 USD per day


Please note that the above calculations are valid for each individual subscription. The following examples are meant to clarify this:

If you choose to subscribe for 92 days at one go, the calculations are as follows:

30x10$+ 30x0$ + 30x3$+ 2 x2$ = 394$

If you choose to subscribe for 20 days now and add another 72 days as a subsequent subscription, the calculations will be:

20x10$ =200$ for the first subscription


30x10$ + 30x0$+ 12x3$=336% for the subsequent subscription

We advise that you always compare the calculated price for a custom package with the costs of fixed-term packages because most of the time fixed-term packages are cheaper.

Custom packages are more suitable for you if:

  • You want to subscribe for a very short period of time to evaluate the content before a full subscription.
  • You want to take a look at newly added questions every once in while after your primary subscription expires.
  • The number of days you wish to subscribe is significantly smaller than one of our fixed-term packages.

Please note that you can extend your custom package as often as you need with the same fees and conditions mentioned above.